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Nighthawk Pro 280 RTF FPV Racing Quadcopter by Emax


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The Nighthawk Pro 280 was designed from the ground up to meet the exacting specifications of the Drone Racer. It comes fully tuned with the new Skylight 32 integrated flight control board with four 12Amp BLHeli One shot speed controllers. The power system consists of EMAX 2204 2300 kV motors and 6045 propellers mounted on a 10 degree tilt allowing greater forward speeds without sacrificing elevation. For the FPV racer, the Nighthawk Pro 280 includes a 700TVL camera with optional tilt mounts that allow you a perfect horizontal view in flight, and a 20W-200W video transmitter with a selectable switch, allowing you the option to choose the power output of your transmitter. It is without a doubt an exciting new quadcopter that captures the joy of quadcopter racing!
Product Details
Glass fiber mixed frame provides strong lightweight basis for flight components.
Aluminium struts further reduce weight and form a rigid structure between carbon fiber plates.
Sleek tough design can take some punishment before affecting structural integrity of the copter.
MT2204 Motors
Low center-of-gravity design.
Clockwise and counter-clockwise propeller nuts, keeping the propellers tight fitted.
NMB ball bearings have a high temperature resistance reducing heat generated and increasing efficiency.
Integrated Control Board
Four BLHeli, flashed with OneShot, 12A electronic speed controllers integrated into one board. Open sourced firmwares allow you to use either Baseflight or Cleanflight configurations.
Supports a range of popular RC inputs: 6 PWM channels, combined PPM, Spektrum/JR DSM2, DSMJ, DSMX satellites, and Futaba S.Bus receivers. Switches to turn on and off various components such as ESC's, transmitter and camera. Allows you to fly without FPV on all the time.
Included CMOS Camera
Angled at 15 degrees so that you aren't always looking at the floor! 700TVL image gives an effective resolution in PAL of 976H×582V Included 3.6mm lens can be replaced by optional 2.8mm or 2.5mm lens for a more refined FPV experience.
CMOS sensor results in better quality low light image over its CCD counterpart.
Power Adjustable Transmitter
Switch allows change in transmitter output power from 20mW to 200mW. Bendable transmitter aerial lets you have accidents without breaking antenna or transmitter.
Dipper switch on under-side of the transmitter allows you to choose between 32 channels.
Cloverleaf antenna allows for higher gain resulting in improved video transmission quality.
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