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NA9 Plus 9S LiPo Li-polymer 300W Battery Balance Charger


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This is an Intelligent Parallel Charger. Its intelligent design does not work like those old style balance chargers (eg. iMax B6) which always discharge and recharge the battery in order to make all the cells balanced. Instead of that, RCX BC168 Charger will monitor the voltage of each cell and stop charging that particular cell when it is full while other cells will continue to be charged until they are full.

UN-A9 Plus is an upgrade version of the previous successful UN-A6 Plus Charger. Might be you have not heard of UNRC but their chargers are very famous in R/C industry for the price and quality in the field of Li-Po Charger.

One of the great features of UN-A9 Plus is that you can charge multiple batteries at once. You can either charge
1 x 6-Cell Battery
2 x 4-Cell Battery
3x 3-Cell Battery
4 x 2-Cell Battery
Product Details
Compatible Battery: LiPo
Operating Voltage (v): 1.5-4.2
Input Current (A): >12
Charge Current (A)
Discharge Current Range (A)
Maximum Charge Power (W) :300
Maximum Discharge Power (W)
Auto Cut Off: Yes
Dimension (mm) :164(L) x 125(W) x 52(H)
Net Weight (kg): 0.890
Cross Weight (kg):1.15KG

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