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Digital 3D Scanner MD6000 3D scanner by MINGDA


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Specifications of MINGDA MD6000 3D scanner

 Operation Temperature           10-40 ℃
 Data Interface USB 2.0
 Operation Range 350-1400 mm
 Spatial X/Y resolution @350mm 0.6 mm @500mm:0.9 mm @1400mm:2 mm
 Depth Z resolution @350mm 0.05cm @500mm:0.1cm @1400mm:0.5cm
 Color image size 640 x 480
 Power Supply USB 2.0
 Power consumption 2.25 W
 Export Data Format

 STL, OBJ, PLY etc.

Features of MINGDA MD6000 3D scanner

1.Real-time Performance
3d scanner usage concept is similar to that of an ordinary video camera – simply move around the object to be captured. However, instead of a video stream you get a complete 3D model in real-time.

2.Plug and Play Support
Use a high speed USB2.0 data cable to support data communication and power supply.

3.Across all Scales
Modeling with 3d scanner scales from smaller objects such as human faces up to entire rooms.

4.Metric Units
3D scanner performs the entire reconstruction in metric space. No need for freaky scaling attempts. The result can be exported to various formats such as STL, OBJ, and PLY.

5.Texture Support
3d scanner is capable of capturing and processing the color information of the object being scanned, as long as the sensor provides the necessary color stream.

6.3D Self-Portraits
Using the self-portrait feature, everyone can generate 3D printable busts in a minute without any manual post processing.

7.High Quality Scan
To provide end users with convenient high quality scan solution. 

8.Hand Operation
To provide end users with convenient and stability hand held experience. 


It is strongly advised customer to configure the computer which meets the following requirements at least.

Processor:Intel i5 or i7;

Memory : at least 4G availableï¼›

Transmission:Configuring USB 2.0 transmission bus independently;

Graphics:Recommend NVIDIA GeForce independent graphics,GT710M or GT750M;

Operating System:Windows®7(32 or 64bit),Windows®XP or Windows®8 is unavailable;

Note: The requirements above all are recommended and successfully applied to the most of the computers, but sometimes a few unmatched problems happened and can’t be 
avoided. Therefore, it is advised to use scanner to test whether the computer is available or not before procuring a new computer.


The software is including driver, application system and full function license.  
1. Driver(apply for Windows®7 system for 32 and 64 bit);
2. Application system and full function license ï¼ˆapply for Windows®7 system for 32 and 64 bit).



Performance Parameter

 Maximum weight capacity                       200KG
 Diameter                       60CM
 Height                      10CM
Maximum speed (a round)                        25S
Minimum speed (a round)                        Inf.
 Weight with packaging                      22kg


Intelligent speed control 
Positive and negative rotation
Intelligent controller 


 Performance Parameter 
 Maximum Height                               150CM
 Weight with packaging                                 5KG




Gettting quicklystarted usinng the followwing guide

1. Fix the 3D scanner on the holder.
2. Sit or stand on the human automatic rotation panel.
3. Double click the desktop shot cut of 3D scanner application software;
4. Position the camera horizontally and on eye-level height in front of you;
5. Click Start to begin the scan;
6. Turn around 360 degrees in either direction by remote controller– reconstruction will 
7. Wait for the post-processing to complete and save your model.

MD6000 3D scanner manual PDF
MD6000 3D scanner three parts PDF
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