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5000watt Single-phase inverter GW3048-EM GW3648-EM GW5048-EM


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EM Series Single-phase Hybrid Inverter
In line with all the excellent features of the GW3048-EM series bidirectional inverter, the EM series is much more compact in terms of size and weight and is compatible with both ongrid and off-grid photovoltaic systems. It can intelligently control the flow of energy. During the day, the photovoltaic system generates electricity that can be supplied to the loads, to charge the battery and then be fed into the network. The stored electricity can be released when the loads require it, for example during the night. In addition, the network can also be used to charge the batteries via the inverter (UPS function) in the case of programmed power cuts.
Integrated charge controller.
Greater performance and security
Easy remote monitoring via PC, tablet and smartphone
Intelligent battery management function
Compatible with lead and lithium ion batteries
IP65 certified
Captivating design
DATA sheet 5000watt Single-phase inverter GW3048-EM GW3648-EM GW5048-EM
5000 watt Single-phase inverter GW3048-EM GW3648-EM GW5048-EM
5000watt Single-phase inverter GW3048-EM GW3648-EM GW5048-EM
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