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BaseCam (AlexMos) SimpleBGC 3rd axis 32bit Tiny I2C 2-IMU Rev B


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Built-in IMU sensor, can be used as a second frame sensor or as a main sensor.
Possibility to regulate voltage from 6 up to 11 V and connect small motors despite current of a battery.
Has the same sockets as the full size SimpleBGC 32-bit.
Possibility to connect optional Bluetooth module.
Revision B
SimpleBGC 32bit Tiny controller revision B has the following improvements:
Smaller than the previous version: dimensions are 25×40 mm, height is 7mm (pin headers are not installed)
Current capabilities were extended:
+5V line can provide up to 1A continuous current (that is enough to power GoPro camera), and up to 2A instant current *
+3.3V line can provide up to 500 mA continuous current and 1A instant current *
Input voltage range was extended to 1s 6s (3.7V–25V)
USB-UART onboard converter simplifies PC connection, fewer problems with drivers compared to the previous version
* Total current taken by the 5V load, 3.3V load, and motor drivers, should not exceed 2A. Proper thermal dissipation is required.
Capabilities of the controller
Possibility to manage the system on different platforms
Desktop systems: Windows, macOS, Linux. Possibility to update the firmware of the controller(through the GUI).
Smartphones: Android and some control from 3rd party vendors for Apple's iOS product (iPhone and iPad).
BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Tiny I2C 2-IMU Revision B
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