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AF340 EVO Axial Flux Standard Electric 280kw Motor


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AF340 EVO Axial Flux Standard Electric 100kw Motor
• Primary Powertrain Traction Motor or Generator
• >95% efficiency
• Excellent power and torque density
• Low cogging and low ripple torque gives
a smooth, quiet operation in direct drive
• Low inertia 3 x composite rotors with excellent
rotor dynamic stability
• Suitable for inverter supply voltages <800VDC
• Designed to be driven by two inverters
• Liquid cooling for enhanced performance, using
water/glycol for simplified system integration
• Integrated PT100 temperature sensors and sin/
cos resolver compatible with most commercially
available inverters
• IP.67 environmental protection
Product Details
cifications at 600 VDC
PM Synchronous Axial Flux Motors AF 340
Maximum Speed (rpm) 5000
Nominal Torque (Nm) 780
Peak Torque - up to 60s (Nm) 1200
Peak Torque - up to 20s (Nm) 1800
Nominal Output Power (kW) 282
Peak Output Power - up to 60s (kW) 450
Peak Output Power - up to 20s (kW) 660
Coolant Flow (litre/min) - 3 sections 8-12
Length (mm) 333.4
Diameter (mm) 380
Weight (kg) 122
AF340 EVO Axial Flux Standard Electric Motor
AF340 EVO Axial Flux Standard Electric Motor
AF340 EVO Axial Flux Standard Electric Motor
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