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ZYX-MINI Tarot Multirotor Flight Control W/GPS PMU LED ZYX26


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Tarot ZYX-MINI is the newest mini flight control for multirotors, it's similar to tarot zyx-m, but smaller, it comes with GPS, PMU Module, compatible with SBUS/DSM satellite receivers, easy to assemble,makes your flight easy and joyful.
Mini flight control
Put it on, love to fly.
Mini TAROT flight control help you attitude stabilization of multi axis aircraft, to provide you with the vehicle on the current state, that allows you to freely control the flying direction of the aircraft. It is beyond your imagination.
32 bit processors with powerful computing power.
Built in sensors with shock absorption, strong seismic capacity.
Full plastic shell, while providing full protection and greatly reducing the weight of the whole machine.
Support dual S-BUS receiver DSM satellite receiver, reliable remote control. For flight safety, it is more comprehensive than you think. Tarot ZYX-M-Mini flight control of your multi axis aircraft like the palm of his hand, for safety, it than you think more comprehensive, can provide a variety of abnormal state protection, but also in the abnormal timely to remind you for proper operation. Including the scope of the flight and the no fly zone and other protective functions, so that the aircraft in a smooth flight in the controllable range of time.
Tarot ZYX-MINI GPS module:
High performance GPS receiver, high gain antenna, fast search, positioning and super accurate.
Tarot ZYX-MINI PMU module:
Ultra 5V mini power output, convenient and quick installation Tarot ZYX-MINI LED indicator light:
Concise and clear, to control the state of the aircraft at any time With you close, a new look of the operating experience This is to enhance the Intelligent Flight Control and flight experience, especially ZYX-M-Mini. Through advanced inertial navigation intelligent solutions for the interaction and navigation control algorithm for vehicle stability and handling can have your cake and eat it, too. You can according to their own needs, set in the parameter adjustment software for vehicle pitching, rolling and yawing characteristics, follow one's inclinations designed exclusively for your flight feel. The standard USB module Tarot ZYX-MINI Characteristic
Product Details
Powerful flight range and no fly zone protection function: In GPS velocity mode, aircraft does not fly out set the scope of protection; in the other mode, once flew out of the scope of protection, immediately triggered automatically return; in the airport in the vicinity of the no fly zone, aircraft flight altitude and range is strictly limited.
Tarot ZYX-MINI Parameters:
Work voltage: main controller: 4.8V-5.5V / 7.2V-26V PMU:
Power consumption: Max 1.75W (typical value: 0.14A-12.5V)
Hover accuracy: horizontal direction: 1.5m / vertical: 0.5m
Maximum rotation speed: 150 deg/s
Maximum angular velocity: 35
Max lifting speed: 6 m/s
Working environment temperature: -50 C -10 C
Tarot ZYX-MINI Specifications:
Main controller: 48 mm * 40.5 mm * 18 mm (27.3 g)
GPS module: 50 mm x 50 mm x 13 mm (26 g)
Mm PMU:25.5 * 9.5 mm * 4 mm (4.4 g)
LED indicator: 27 mm x 27 mm x 8 mm (10.5G)
USB module: 26 mm x 21 mm x 7.5 mm (5.6 g)
3P signal line * 8
Suspension double stick * 2

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