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X8 Z1 PLUS RTF Octo Copter CF Frame


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Z1 Plus passionate for aerial photography
Z1 has entered the film aerial photography market for two years, Z1 plus announced its arrival with heat.The upgraded version named Z1 plus, it’s bigger,faster, higher payload, safer and longer endurance.
The body is made of high-strength carbon fiber, 7075 aluminum alloy, 43 steel custom shafts and screws, titanium alloy screws, single crystal copper Teflon wire and other top performance materials. Z1 plus has a wheelbase of 1317mm, its empty weight reaches 15.1kg, its maximum load exceeds 50kg, and its maximum flight weight reaches 80kg. This is because the upgraded version has been significantly optimized in power system, power battery, and mechanical structure.
X8 Z1 PLUS RTF Octo Copter CF Frame
Z1PLUS Data:
Symmetric motor wheelbase
1317 mm
1775 mm×1775 mm×905 mm(propeller,arms,expansion of GPS holder,landing skits ) 784 mm×502 mm×762 mm(propeller, folding GPS holder,folding the landing skits) Dimensions of outer package: 650 mm×480 mm×400 mm frame,700mm×480 mm×400 mm arms
Weight 31.5Kg(include propellers and four batteries,but no Gimbals)
Recommended Maximum Takeoff Weight 80 kg
Hover accuracy (P-GPS)
verticality:±0.5 m,horizonal:±1.5 m
Maximum angular velocity of rotation
Pitch axis:300°/s head axis:150°/s
Maximum pitch angle 35°
Maximum ascend speed 5 m/s
Maximum descent speed 3 m/s
Maximum endurable wind speed 14 m/s
Maximum horizontal speed 100 km/h
Hover time No load:39min,load 15 kg:25 min
Maximum take-off altitude Normal propeller :3500 m Plateau propeller: 5000 m
Compatible Gimbals Ronin-2,movi, other Gimbals
Flight controller DJI A3 Pro
Power system Power Motor Type::DJI M10
Propeller Type:DJI R3390
Disassemble landing skits
standard Environment temperature -10℃ to 40℃
Charger(type:ICHARGE 308DUO)
Voltage 10-30VDC
Rated power 1300 W
Single Battery Output Power 750 W
Standard Batteries(Type:Gens 6s High Voltage Edition)
Capacity 32000mAh or 22000mAh
Voltage 22.8 V
Energy 501.6 Wh
Battery Type
LiPo 6S
Battery Weight 2351g
Operating temperature -10 ℃ to 40℃
Maximum charging power 252 W
X8 Z1 PLUS RTF Octo Copter CF Frame
Z1 plus uses a more powerful motor with a maximum single-axle pulling force of 30.6 kg.According to the tested data, Z1PLUS has a maximum load of more than 50kg, which can easily carry various gimbals, high-pixel movie cameras, and high-definition movie lenses, which better meets the requirements of film aerial photography.
X8 Z1 PLUS RTF Octo Copter CF Frame
The subtle design of the dual redundant upper and lower propeller power system is that in addition to reducing the wheelbase, even if two powers are lost during the shooting process (not the same axis) can also ensure continuous and stable shooting.
X8 Z1 PLUS RTF Octo Copter CF Frame
Z1 plus chooses a larger capacity battery, which increases power and flight time.The batteries are arranged in parallel. Even if one of the batteries fails, the remaining batteries can continue to supply power normally, and the aircraft's thrust is guaranteed. The flight time is about 39min, the flight time is 15 min with a load of 15kg, and the flight speed is 26m / s with a load of 15kg.At the same time, during the upgrade process, the internal heat dissipation device of the ESC was optimized to ensure that the it could always fly at a speed of 26m / s even if it carried a load of 15kg.
X8 Z1 PLUS RTF Octo Copter CF Frame
Eight features, Seven changes, Safer flight, More safer High safety
The three-redundant control system, dual-redundant power system and battery design and the four-axis co-propeller and eight-rotor design make the drone extremely reliable. Even if two powers (non-coaxial) are lost during shooting, it can still fly safely.
X8 Z1 PLUS RTF Octo Copter CF Frame
Diversity of gimbals
Compatible with almost all large gimbals. Gimbal can be mounted up and down, multiple mounting. Meeting all the needs of conventional lenses, with a wider field of view and more powerful shooting functions.
High speed
Integrate light-weight high-tech materials and high-speed operation settings, under a load of 15kg, the maximum speed can reach 100km / h. Can be equipped with a larger lens without affecting the shooting effect.
Terrestrial image system
Can mount almost all professional film-grade cameras, in the case of high picture requirements, can achieve the uniformity of ground image quality and flight image quality. Personal customization
1.Customize APP functions and change LOGO according to requirements. 2. Customize the flight control and increase the aerial photography mode(Better operation feel). The descent speed can be 9m/s and the horizontal speed can be 100KM/h+. 3. Quick-release carbon fiber propellers.
High portability
The light-weight high-quality materials and reasonable design make the Z1 Plus quick to foldable, more convenient to transport and fast to operate.
Innovative design, better structure
In addition, Z1 plus has 7 big changes:
1.First use 5-min quick disassembly
Z1 plus has optimized the power plug, the install structure of the arms and the body, the battery installation and fixing structure; the landing gear and the carbon fiber propellers use a quick disassemble structure, and all components are modularized installed, easy to replace, time-saving and convenient to install. No auxiliary tools are required for the entire installation.
X8 Z1 PLUS RTF Octo Copter CF Frame
4.Thrust-to-weight ratio reaches 3.0: 1
Z1 plus single-axis maximum pull force is 30.6kg, empty load, gimbals, four batteries weighing up to 31kg, when load 15 kg,the thrust-weight ratio up to 3.0: 1, extremely adaptable to complex environments, shooting at 5000m high altitude is also sufficient power to ensure normal shooting. Larger payload, more flexible, switched the startup speed , renewed the response speed, and better the operation feel. It is best for some super-fast footage such as car commercials
5.Supports top movie lenses like Cooke Widening / MA / ARRI SP
The maximum flying weight of Z1 plus reaches 80kg, which can mount all large-scale gimbals like RONIN2 / MOVI, etc., and almost all professional film cameras and lenses, such as: ARRI ALEXA MINI camera with Master Primes or Master Anamorphic or Signature Primes lenses, etc.And it can also be retrofitted Wireless follow focus accessories and small ND plus lens hood or other accessories.
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