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CUSTOM UAV AR Aerial Photography

Flying your drone safely and legally in Canada, USA & INT
Rules for commercial drone operation
https://tc.canada.ca/en/corporate-services/acts-regulations/list-regulations/canadian-aviation-regulations-sor-96-433#part-ix Rules for recreational drones
From Transport Canada
If you plan to fly a drone for fun you must learn and follow the laws that apply to recreational drone use. If you are using your drone for work or research, you will need special permission to fly your drone.
Rules for recreational drones
Canadian Aviation Regulations (SOR/96-433)
When you need permission to fly a drone
Legal requirements when flying a drone
Rules for recreational drones
To fly a recreational drone (or model aircraft), you must follow the safety rules in the Interim ever changing Order Respecting the Use of Model Aircraft.
Review these rules before flying a drone for fun, if the drone weighs over 250 grams and under 35 kilograms. If your drone is 250 grams or less, read our tips for flying safe.
Internationally you can follow basic rules
Fly at or below 400 feet.
Keep your drone within sight.
Don't fly in restricted airspace.
Don't fly near other aircraft, especially near airports.
Don't fly over groups of people.
Don't fly over stadiums or sporting events.
Don't fly near emergency response efforts such as fires.
Don't fly under the influence
Do not endanger life limb or property

Flying your drone safely and legally in USA FAA Regulations


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